Welcome, 2016

Everything can change in a year. 2015 made sure of it.


It doesn’t seem possible that today, a whole year ago, I was visiting St. Louis for the last time before becoming a resident. I was (as usual) emotional as we brought in the New Year, for the last time as not husband and wife. There was much change ahead of me that my heart didn’t know whether to scream or squeal. I was trying to prepare for many “news” and unknowns the only way I knew how — praying and writing.

As I read back on that 1st blog post of 2015, I smile. And then cry. Because the Lord is sovereign. And faithful. And just straight GOOD. Boy, is He good. He absolutely carried me through 2015, gently chipping away at my worries and fears and entrusting me with more than I could have dreamed of.

A 600 mile move, a caring hubby, a dream job (to name a few) later and we’re already welcoming 2016. This time without tears. Hallelujah.

As I ponder what the Lord might be calling me to in 2016, I’m reminded of His persistent push on my heart to bring words (or life, if you will) to this blog, last year. How my 2015 New Year’s Resolution Goal was to write at least one blog post a month for the entire year. A goal that I wasn’t even sure I could accomplish but knew I had no choice. Because my mind had become a never ending NASCAR race and it needed an outlet before I crashed. And honestly, my poor fiancé and family were sick of me word vommiting talking.

Sure, these 12 blog posts allowed me to share my experiences with friends and family, but more than that, they truly allowed my heart a voice. A place of refuge amongst all the crazy. Something I needed as I journeyed through the 2015 change apocalypse that was my life. I’m grateful for each one, unique and vulnerable in its own way. And I can’t help but feel the Lord’s love as I skim back through them now.

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Jesus’ Birthday Party

I don’t know what the rest of this little blog’s life looks like but it’s been dear to me thus far. And I hope it has been to you too. Thanks for sticking with me as the Lord teaches me how to rejoice in the good, bad, and sometimes really difficult days. Thanks for opening your arms to my attempt at honesty, bravery, and accountability — 2015 needed it.

2016, you have BIG shoes to fill … but we welcome you!




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