Hello! I’m Brittany Fine.

Born and raised in Georgia – Currently residing in Germany.

Jesus Follower. Air Force Wife. Mama-to-be. (Unemployed) School Counselor. European Traveler.

Lover of photography, traveling, healthy eating, clean sheets, florals, antiques, and alone time. In no particular order.


Above all, I am a sinner who is learning to rejoice in the good, bad, and sometimes really difficult days. My hope is that I would never leave the impression that my life is perfect and I’m not in need of daily Grace.

This blog is a way for my heart to speak truth about the hard and ugly moments of life that we are so quick to cover up. It’s an attempt to connect with people in a way that makes our hearts feel known and loved.

After all, the most comforting phrase one can hear is ‘me too’.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Erin Banks says:

    Hi Brittany, we are new to the Landstuhl area and trying to find a place to live. Is your home going to be available to rent? I would be interested in viewing it. Please email me back directly. Thank you!


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