One Fine Day

A little over 5 months ago, during a late night of babysitting, I wrote my first blog post called “The Truth About Engagement”. It really started as a way for me to put my [many] feelings into complete thoughts but I had no idea it would quickly become a way for girls, like myself, to be open and vulnerable about the real life struggles we were going through. That season was full of confusion and emotion for me as I tried to survive each day of wedding planning and long distance dating. I constantly felt swamped in wedding to-do lists, defeated by the difficulty of preparing to marry someone who lived 600 miles away, and guilty for not having enough time to spend with those I was soon moving 600 miles away from.

Today, I still stand by that initial post. Engagement wasn’t always easy and wedding planning wasn’t always fun. But towards the end, I made a joking statement that “I’ll let you know in April if it was all worth the pain :)” … So I guess that’s why I’m back. I’m back to encourage those of you who are where I was. Caught in those long days of excitement yet stress. Anticipation yet fear. Love yet hate. And I’m here to tell you that… it’s all worth it.

Honestly, I had no idea there could be a day so special from beginning to end… and the description of “best day of your life” doesn’t feel like such a stretch anymore.

Waking up, feeling the sun on my face, and quickly being greeted by smiling best friends and family who have come along side me through it all.

Worth it.

Jumping on the bed with my sister, singing Taylor Swift with my bridesmaids, and feeling the most beautiful I’ve ever felt.

Worth it.

Seeing my handsome husband for the first time, turn around and light up, giddy about what was to come. A sweeter moment than I could have ever imagined.

Worth it.

Walking down the aisle, with the man that has loved me well since the day I entered the world. And seeing the all the faces of loved ones smiling back at me as I walk to the man that will love me well until I leave this world.

Worth it.

Standing on that alter, hearing the birds singing, worshipping our Lord and Savior, and looking into the eyes of a man who is declaring to love Him, and now me, with all he has.

Worth it.

Having my feet washed by that same man and then having the great privilege of washing his. Just as Jesus commanded in John 13.

Worth it.

Sealing our sacred vows with golden rings and a sweet kiss just before dancing back down the aisle to Bruno Mars.

Worth it.

Eating, drinking, and dancing the night away with 250 of the most special people in our lives.

Worth it.

AND then…

Being married to the most loving, selfless, and hilarious man I know and spending every day together, choosing to love one another regardless of how we feel. And further understanding the Lord’s love and faithfulness through it all.

Absolutely, worth it.

These moments [and the ones that we are continuing to make] are what make every tear, every disappointment, and every hard day of engagement and wedding planning, worth it. And THAT’s the truth about engagement.

So hang in there, engaged ones. Joy is coming. And it’s all you’ve ever wanted and more.

Here’s a highlight video of our special day, Enjoy! —>


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