Meet Me in St. Louis

 {Our Favorite Saint Louis Photo Memories} 2013: dating (long distance) 2014: engaged (long distance) 2015: (first year) married  2016: (second year) married Thanks for being really good to two uprooted southerners, Saint Louis. You will always have a special place in our story. And we will never stop talking about your sunsets.

Not My Plans

August has always been one of my favorite months. Probably because it usually includes those final and memorable summer pool days, always includes my birthday, and holds the promise of a new yet the same routine: Back to School. I just love the “Back to School” season. There’s something about walking into Target and all of … Continue reading Not My Plans


We can learn so much from kids. I know I do. Their sense of humor, their fearlessness, their creativity, their faith, their honesty… One of the little ones I have been taking care of the last few months has a new favorite word: More. It is, without exaggeration, repeated throughout our 8 hour day at … Continue reading More